Cost Management and Estimating

We are a Building Material Estimating Company founded by experts with many years of experience and expertise in providing process workflow consulting, project planning, scheduling, and maintenance estimating for the Manufacturing and Mining industries. Together these experts have built a strong company and developed proprietary tools and software that far exceed their competition.
We have a best qualified staff you can be confident that we provide the same level of top quality service whatever market the industry is providing. Our company have grown and established as a highly recognized company over the many years . We pride ourselves on delivery an honest, friendly service to our clients.


If you are planning a project, bidding a project or wanting information as to what it could cost before the time and costly expense is put into final drawings, documents and meetings you can contact us given Contact Number or Live Chat or also fill Contact us form .
We are a team of specialized individuals with different skill sets, focused on providing our clients with the latest construction estimations innovations. Our name and performance tells it all. Copper represents conductive client communication.

Detailed Budgets

Our comprehensive budget estimates are based on well-researched cost data and contain a level of detail far more extensive than the “industry standard.” This ensures a realistic and accurate basis for the project and, when combined with our comprehensive cost control services, saves you from the embarrassment of budget overruns.

Comprehensive Services

We leverage the expertise of Horizon Estimator’s Program Management and Dispute Resolution groups at every stage of the planning, design, and construction process. Our clients benefit from the holistic knowledge our team brings to their projects. Feasibility Studies & Conceptual Estimating , Budget Development and Cost Planning , Cost Estimating / Milestone Estimates ,Value Management Economic Forecasting / Market Reports , Pre- and Post-Bid Services, Including Change Order Management, Cost Control and Cost Forecasting , Pre- Post-Contract Audit Services , BIM 5D Cost Modeling ,LEED Cost Analysis / Life Cycle Costing .

As an integral part of the design process, our continuous and disciplined management of project costs results in timely, well-informed design and business decisions. This approach leads to the early identification of potential cost issues, which in turn reduces the delays and expenses associated with unnecessary redesign.


Feasibility Estimates

Feasibility Estimates are prepared with minimal information. These are prepared to provide the 'How Much?' answer to the 'What If?' questions. Typical turn around for this type of estimate is one or two days.

Schematic Design Milestone Estimates

Schematic Design Milestone Estimates Are typically prepared at the schematic design milestone. These estimates are used to reaffirm the budget and to provide for design adjustments. Usual response time to complete these estimates is one to two weeks.

Conceptual Estimate

This estimate establishes an owner's budget. It is based on the project program and desired quality levels to be achieved. Pricing is usually parametric and based on historical cost data.

Design Development Milestone Estimates

Design development Milestone Estimates are prepared at the design development milestone (35% to 50% design completion). These estimates are used to verify the project budget is being maintained. The average time to prepare these estimates is one to two weeks

Schematic Design Estimate

This estimate confirms the concept estimate. It is based on macro-scale systems takeoffs and more refined historical pricing. This estimate becomes the basis for the design.